How To Pick The Perfect Personalized Vitamin Subscription Company

how to pick the right personalized vitamin company

There is conflicting evidence surrounding the benefits of taking a daily multivitamin. Or any vitamins, for that matter. Studies saying no, while others claim absolutely. If the end result is to live forever, then it’s going to take a lot more than popping those pills. More like a miracle, or really epic genetics that need to be studied and bottled for the masses. 

Maybe, taking a generic multivitamin formulated for everyone isn’t the most effective approach to taking taking vitamins. After all, not everyone can fit into a one size fits all approach to anything. Personalized vitamins, made specifically for your individual needs and goals is a much better approach to filling in those nutritional gaps particular to your body is the way to go. But, there are so many companies out there touting their vitamins as the best way, and they have tons of reviews to support this. It can get confusing. 

So, which type of personalized vitamin is the right one for YOU. Read on to learn how to disseminate all the information flooding the internet so you can pick the perfect personalized vitamin for you. 

Pills, Gummies, Liquids, Oh My!

We all have a variety of ways we do things, and taking our vitamins is no different. Some of us enjoy taking a bazillion and seventy pills. Some of us like the gummies that we can just pop into our mouths and eat like candy. It simply comes down to personal preference. Some of these may look real pretty on Instagram, but knowing how they work with your body make up is way more important. 

Let’s take a deeper look into your personalized multivitamin options. 

  • Gummies: Some of the companies allow you to build your own gummy pack, which makes it semi-personalized. Beware because those calories start adding up. Sure, they taste good, which may make it more enticing. Just be sure to read the fine print and make sure you’re getting what you signed up for, and not anything you don’t want such as added sugars and dyes.
  • DNA-based personalization: These companies claim that in order to get a truly personalized experience, it begins with understanding your DNA. The problem is, you have to submit a sample and then wait for your results, whether it requires your blood or saliva depends on which company you go though. Plus, they now have your DNA, and that could be a major downside for people who aren’t wanting to share that piece of them with anyone. 
  • Pill packs: Personalized pill packs are a huge industry. But, just like it sounds, it’s a pack of pills you need to swallow down daily. As in, more than one pill in your personalized pack of vitamins. For people that have a pill-swallowing problem or aversion, that’s a major yuck.
    Liquid Vitamins: Quite frankly, taking vitamins in a liquid form is the easiest to swallow. It’s great for those who don’t like to, or simply can’t, pop pills. And, it’s a one and done. There are many liquid multivitamins on the market, but none who offer a personalized approach. 
  • Powder to Liquid: Tespo is the only company in the market that delivers their personalized vitamins as a powder, and uses a dispenser to mix it with water right in your very own kitchen. 

What To Look For When Shopping For Personalized Vitamins

Committing to a subscription-based anything gives reason for a momentary pause. Sure, some say that you can cancel at any time, while others expect a 30-day notice, but the price tag can really add up. However, if you take into account all those bottles sitting on your counters and stacked inside your medicine cabinet, you probably end up saving a few bucks by doing the subscription model. Not to mention, how much money it ends up costing when you buy each individual vitamin bottle, most coming with only a month’s supply. 

Personalized vitamins are mostly D2C or direct to consumer. Meaning, you have to buy them online via the company website. Many of these websites have you take some sort of generalized quiz, and your personalization is based on the results mixed with an algorithm. There are virtually a billion potential outcomes based on your answers, so when taking the quiz, answer the questions honestly because it’s usually based on your biological gender, geographic location, and lifestyle, to name a few important factors. It only benefits you so your vitamins are the best possible fit for your needs. 

Also, look at the websites to find

  • Disclosures: Are the purity, safety, and testing methods disclosed on the site? 
  • Fillers: If you see names like Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid, and Carrageenan, then those vitamins are full of binders, fillers, and other excipients that you want to exclude from your vitamin and supplement diet. 
  • Food coloring/dyes: Do the vitamins contain artificial colors?
  • Daily allowance: If the vitamin has more than 100 percent of the recommended daily allowance, then avoid it. 
  • Options: Can you opt in or out of certain vitamin recommendations? Or, do you have to purchase the recommended vitamin in its entirety. 
  • Canceling: Is the subscription service easy to cancel or are you made to jump through hoops? It should be an easily accessible option on the site, or through one of the company’s social channels. 
  • Customer Service: How is the customer service? Are they there to help, or do they make you feel as though you’re an inconvenience. Run a Google check on company reviews before signing up. It could save you from numerous future headaches. 

Why Sign Up For A Subscription Service?

The cool thing about any type of subscription service is that it is so incredibly convenient. You have to worry more about an overabundance than actually running out of the product. Same thing holds true for vitamin subscriptions services. You don’t need to think about it, your order just shows up right before you’re due to run out, and you never have to set foot inside a vitamin store again. Unless, of course, it’s your thing. 

Build your own multivitamin in just a few easy steps. You’ll choose your base and then add boosters based on your unique needs. Our Personalized Pods work best with the Tespo Connect dispenser. 

Why You Need Personalized Vitamins in Your Life

*Disclaimer: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suggests that you consult with a health care professional before using any dietary supplement. Many supplements contain ingredients that have strong biological effects, and such products may not be safe in all people.

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