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We help employers empower their teams to perform at their best everyday.

The Tespo Teams Program provides carefully crafted formulas designed to meet the needs of today's workforce where it counts mosts - at work.



Optimize energy and focus.

Presenteeism has recently gained attention as studies show the cost employers is as much as 10 times more than absenteeism in lost productivity. 

Analyzing data from 2,000 respondents to the WHO's Workplace Health and Productivity Questionnaire (HPQ), it was found that for every one sick day an employee takes, 10 more are wasted doing very little.*

"On average, employees in our sample group took about four sick days each year but when they reported on how many days they lost while on the job, that number shot up to a staggering 57.5 days per year per employee," said Dr. Sackett, lead data scientist for Virgin Pulse.

Tespo Clear Energy® supports healthy energy levels and brain function while delivering enhanced alertness to improve productivity and help reduce the risk of injury due to inattention.

*Virgin Pulse Global Challenge data. 2015 



Boost immunity and peace of mind.

As Americans are anticipating their return to work in the Post-Covid-19 era, immune function is top of mind for everyone. Many employers are preparing processes to keep their facilities clean, stocking up on PPE, and developing testing protocols to ensure a safe work environment. By offering a wellness solution that supports your employee's immune health, you can enhance the effectiveness of these precautions and ensure the safety and wellbeing of your workforce. 

With our carefully crafted formulas, your employees have the option of a daily dose of immunity-boosting nutrients to help keep them healthy so they can focus on getting back to work.

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Good For Employers, Great For Employees.

We designed our Tespo Teams Program with the purpose of increasing the overall health & productivity of employees across the USA.

With a compact footprint, our single-serve vitamin dispenser is designed for the workplace and is a healthy addition to your office kitchen or break room.

  • Improved Productivity and Focus

    Tespo Clear Energy® helps you power through the day with 100mg of caffeine and other key nutrients to support healthy energy levels, increase awareness, support cognitive flexibility and reduce eye fatigue associated with harmful blue light exposure.

  • Reduced Absenteeism

    Tespo Shield Immunity® contains 1000mg of Vitamin C plus Antioxidants, B Vitamins, Zinc and other essential nutrients to help support a healthy immune system. Strong immune function correlates with less sick days taken and improved overall wellbeing.

  • Greater Employee Satisfaction

    While financial compensation remains a primary driver of employee satisfaction, studies show that other factors are impacting loyalty and retention. One study by Gartner showed that 2/3 of respondents said that a workplace that provides resources and support for their health and wellbeing would make them more likely to accept a new job or keep the job they have with that organization.

EmployeE Benefits
  • Healthy Immune System

    The ingredients in Tespo Shield Immunity® provides your employees the support they need to stay healthy and safe. Healthy immune function not only prevents illness, but also increases overall feelings of happiness and satisfaction.

  • Fight Fatigue & Increase Awareness

    Say 'I'll pass!' to the after-lunch carb crash! A healthier alternative to coffee or other sugary energy drinks, Tespo Clear Energy® delivers 100mg of caffeine, essential B Vitamins, Lutein and Zeaxanthin, giving your staff a boost of energy and focus to help them get through the day.

  • Protect Eyes from Blue Light Exposure

    On the spectrum of visible light, high-energy visible (HEV)or "blue" light has the highest energy and shortest wavelength. The human eye cannot filter this type of light, which is emitted by computer monitors, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. While research is still being done on the long term effects, blue light exposure is known to be a cause of Computer Vision Syndrome and can disrupt circadian rhythms and sleep. After extended periods of time, exposure can result in headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, and mental and physical fatigue. Proven to support eye health and reduce eye strain and fatigue, we added Lutein and Zeaxathin to Tespo Clear Energy® to help protect your workforce from daily exposure to harmful blue light.

Vitamin Pods Crafted For The Workplace

Our team of nutrition experts diligently curated our premium vitamin formulas to provide your employees support where they need it work. Try Clear Energy® or Shield Immunity® today!

the tespo ecosystem.

How does it work?

We're glad you asked! Tespo is made up of 3 primary components – a vitamin pod (that stores your formula), a dispenser (that liquifies your vitamins) and the vitamin drink.

Free-Form Ingredients

No pill processing here. All ingredients start and finish in their granular state.

Vitamin Packed Pods

Pods are then filled & sealed with 31 servings of free-form ingredients.
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One Smart Dispenser

Your dispenser freshly liquifies each serving based on formulation recipe.
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A Flavorful Drink

Our vitamins don't just look good. They taste good too (with natural flavors).
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Tespo Clear Energy® Multivitamin

A single 2 ounce serving of Tespo Clear Energy® provides you with 100 mg of caffeine per serving, plus it's packed with vitamins like B12, Niacin, and B6 that help enhance mental performance and relieve tension. We've also added FloraGLO®, a supplement that is clinically proven to fight blue light damage from daily computer use, and helps enhance memory.*

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Clinically proven to reduce blue light damage from computer screens.*

Contains more caffeine than an 8oz cup of coffee.*

No crash. No jitters.*

No GMOs, binders, fillers, or preservatives.


Comprehensive immune support

Tespo Shield Immunity® Multivitamin

Another nasty virus or bug being passed around the office? We've got you covered. A 2 ounce serving of Tespo Shield Immunity® is filled with Vitamin C, Zinc, and other key nutrients to help support your immune system.* No caffeine, sugar, GMOs, additives, or fillers. Just a clean shot of supplements bursting with delicious citrus flavor!

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Aids in the prevention of cold and flu symptoms.*

More vitamin C than 15 oranges.*

More Zinc than 20 large boiled eggs.*

No GMOs, binders, fillers, or preservatives.



Take advantage of our pod recycling program.

We care about the health of the Earth as much as we care about yours. Our pods can be easily recycled using the Tespo Pod Recycling Program.
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Ready to start your Tespo Teams trial?

Try Tespo risk-free in your office for 30-days.  You'll receive a welcome kit with two dispensers, a month's supply of Tespo Clear Energy®, Tespo Shield Immunity® and a corresponding supply of disposable/recyclable cups. 

We are confident it won't take 30 days for you and your team to love Tespo, and if you happen to run out before the 30 days is up - we've got you covered! Our Tespo Connect® dispenser is wifi-enabled and we will auto-replenish your vitamins (and free supply of disposable cups) when your dispenser tells us you are running low. 

After 30 days, if you decide the Tespo Teams program is as amazing as we do, the dispenser is yours to keep at no charge for as long as you decide to keep the service. We will continue to auto-replenish your supply and charge your card on file.

If for some reason you aren't over the moon happy with the system, simply let us know and we'll send a shipping label to send it back to us.