3 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Tespo Brand Ambassador Bec, owner of New York-based sweatwithbec.com, shares these tips on the keys to living a healthy lifestyle.

TESPO: What’s the trick to living a healthy lifestyle?

Bec: Balance, balance, balance—it’s a lifestyle, not a phase! Set yourself up for success, be prepared, go grocery shopping, and cook. I can’t stress enough that what you eat is so super important. “Clean eating,” so more greens, fewer grains, and eating foods high in protein. Make sure you do something active every day, whether it’s trying something completely new, doing a crazy intense workout, boxing or a bike ride, just do something! And finally, do this while still maintaining a social life. Life is about “balance,” so the occasional night out and giggle is a necessity. Life’s about balance, yes be healthy but have fun along the way. People take themselves way too seriously. I’m all about fitness and clean eating minus the deprivation, the goal is a healthy lifestyle not a diet.

TESPO: So many people get stuck on weight loss. Can you talk about the importance of mind and body working together in order to reach our health goals?

Bec: As I just said, balance is key. You want to create a sustainable long-term routine. It’s important to tell yourself that this isn’t a fad, this isn’t a phase, it’s an ongoing lifestyle choice, meaning all elements of your lifestyle need to be addressed and satisfied. Yes, you will have to make sacrifices [when you try “clean eating”]

. The initial two weeks of a new way of eating is pretty much a breakup with food and you’ll experience all those typical break-up emotions. But after that initial morning and once you’ve accepted it and are in a better headspace, it just gets better. You’ll love it because you feel the positive effects .

TESPO: How can vitamins compliment a healthy lifestyle?

Bec: 100%! Sadly, there’s no way to eat the full amount of vitamins our body needs every day. So, I like to think of them as little boosters to get all my essential levels of vitamins up to par and then all the good things I eat on top of that is an added bonus.